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Term Definition
Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP)

The PMP is the greatest depth of precipitation for a given duration meteorologically possible over a given size storm area at a particular location at a particular time of the year, with no allowance made for long-term climatic trends (World Meteorological Organisation, 1986). It is the primary input to PMF estimation.


Chance of something happening that will have an impact. It is measured in terms of consequences and likelihood. In the context of the manual it is the likelihood of consequences arising from the interaction of floods, communities and the environment.


The amount of rainfall which actually ends up as streamflow, also known as rainfall excess.


Equivalent to water level (both measured with reference to a specified datum).

Stage Hydrograph

A graph that shows how the water level at a particular location changes with time during a flood. It must be referenced to a particular datum.

Survey Plan

A plan prepared by a registered surveyor.

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