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The purpose of a management plan is to provide input into the strategic and statutory planning roles of councils. It does not, by intent, purport to be the only document relevant to development of flood prone land. The management plan provides the type of information necessary for adequate forward planning for flood prone land.

The advantages to both councils and the community in general of having a properly considered management plan in place include:-

  • - Having a proper basis for managing and using flood prone land to provide a balance between danger to personal safety and economic losses due to flooding, and social, ecological and cultural interests. This provides the current and future community best value from managing and using its floodplains;
  • - Optimising use of community infrastructure, such as roads, water supply and sewerage;
  • - Minimising personal danger to residents, visitors and emergency response personnel and community flood damage;
  • - Strategically assessing future developable land so the impacts of its development on flooding and the affects of flooding on the development can be effectively considered. This provides a sound basis for incorporating floodplain risk management outcomes in revising council’s EPIs and development controls. It allows the community to grow in a responsible and socially cohesive fashion in consideration of flood issues. It also provides for increased certainty, from a flood perspective, for development applications in line with the relevant EPI requirements; and
  • - Having a basis for more timely assessment of development applications for flood prone land, especially where council’s EPIs and development control plans and/or policies have been altered, in light of the management plan, to incorporate appropriate zonings, and flood related controls. Individual development applications are thus limited to the best way to achieve the required outcomes on individual sites.


Review of Adopted Management Plan

Review of management plans should be triggered by the following instances:

  • - Time, review regularly, around every 5 years;
  • - After significant flood events which provide additional data on flood behaviour;
  • - Where significant changes occur to the factors influencing the decisions in the plan, including changes to local flood plans;
  • - Where impediments to implementation exist that warrant a review; and
  • - Where changes in future land use trends outside those considered in the management plan are proposed.


This review should account for changes across the full range of issues originally addressed and consider any associated emergent issues.

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